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Orange arrow Are my cards active when I receive them?

  You can start using your fuel cards straight away. You will also be able to register your details online and take advantage of the Velocity online services at
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Orange arrow What is Velocity online account management?

  Velocity’s online management service provides 24/7 access to your fuel card account, putting you in the driving seat. You can manage you account, including ordering new cards, running transaction reports and retrieving your invoices. Account Holders and Cardholders can have access to the onli...
Orange arrow I’m missing some invoices and need a copy.

  You can visit our online management service to retrive copies of your invoices completely free of charge....
Orange arrow How do I order cards on velocity?

  The card order function is located under the account tab on your account homepage, simply fill in the ‘order additional cards’ form and this will be processed by our cards department....
Orange arrow Where can I find my account number?

  Your account number is located on the top right hand corner of your invoice....
Orange arrow I have received a Hardcopy Charge what is this for?

  When receiving your invoices through the post we add a small charge to the invoice to cover the costs involved, if you do not wish to pay this charge then you can sign up for our free Ebilling service at
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Orange arrow I have received my latest invoice but the registration is incorrect

  Registrations are entered manually by the site operatives and although every effort is made to ensure they are entered correctly, occasionally errors do occur. This is normally down to either a typing error or reading the registration incorrectly on the forecourt. Please check with your driver to s...
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