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Orange arrow How many cards can I have on my account?

  There is no limit to the number of cards you can have per account, provided you have an appropriate credit limit...
Orange arrow How much will my business save?

  This will depend on the size and type of your fleet and what type of fuel card you have. Our aim is to help our customers reduce their cost of fuel expenditure....
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Orange arrow Are fuel cards linked to a driver or a vehicle?

  A card can be linked to either a driver or a vehicle depending on how your business operates. The most secure way is to have the registration number on the card as the operator at the forecourt will try and verify that the card matches the vehicle....
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Orange arrow How can I change my address?

  Please change your details through our online management services, this will be updated on your account within 1 working day....
Orange arrow How do I make a complaint?

  We’re sorry you feel you want to make a complaint. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and therefore take any type of complaint as a serious matter. If you have a query you would like to discuss with us, please call us on: 0344 880 2468....
Orange arrow I have received my latest invoice but the registration is incorrect

  Registrations are entered manually by the site operatives and although every effort is made to ensure they are entered correctly, occasionally errors do occur. This is normally down to either a typing error or reading the registration incorrectly on the forecourt. Please check with your driver to s...
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Orange arrow How do I order cards on velocity?

  The card order function is located under the account tab on your account homepage, simply fill in the ‘order additional cards’ form and this will be processed by our cards department....
Orange arrow I have received a charge for Guardcard on my invoice, what is this for?

  Guardcard is a card cover service that protects you against theft/loss by removing any liability for transactions made on a card after you notify us it has been lost/stolen. Without Guardcard you would remain liable for any subsequent transactions on that card for a period of up to 2 working days ...
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Orange arrow I’m missing some invoices and need a copy.

  You can visit our online management service to retrive copies of your invoices completely free of charge....
Orange arrow Can I order cards for personal use?

  Fuel cards are only available to businesses that pass an appropriate credit check and are registered in the UK...
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Orange arrow Can I get Nectar points?

  Unfortunately we don’t deal with the point schemes on the cards: you will need to contact Nectar directly on 0844 881 0811....
Orange arrow Who can order cards on my account?

  Cards can be ordered by any registered user through Card orders can also be accepted by emailing

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